We are one of the leading carbon frame manufacturers in the world. We control the entire process from design, through manufacturing, to the final assembling of the bike. That’s why we’re confident to offer a 15-year extended warranty on all SAVA carbon frames. The extended warranty just needs to be activated.

With the extended warranty on SAVA carbon frames, the owners of electric bicycles with ExtraDrive 500 and RearDrive 350 motors activate a 5-year warranty extension on these motors.

Other components are covered by the standard legal warranty.

Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “”EWT&C””):
1. The Extended Warranty is provided to consumers who have purchased Sava carbon frame bicycles as a new product from a Sava dealer in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic without any discount for defects or damage and have activated this warranty at www.sava-bicyles.com.
2. The extended warranty can only be granted to the Consumer (not to other final purchasers).
3. The purchased Sava bicycle must be imported or distributed by an authorized dealer of Sava Bicycles Sp. z o.o.
4. The purchased bicycle must be registered by the Consumer within 30 days of purchase on the website www.sava-bicycles.com/servis.
5. The extended fifteen-year warranty is a contractual warranty provided exclusively to the Consumer and consists in extending the two-year contractual warranty (which results from the valid Warranty Terms and Conditions of Sava Bicycles Sp. z o.o.) by an additional, immediately following twelve-year contractual warranty, specified in these EWT&C.
6. The additional contractual warranty period of twelve years so defined cannot be extended in any way, there is no extension of the warranty period, and its continuous running is not affected by any defects of the bicycle, claims, handling of such claims, warranty repair period, replacement of a product component or use of a spare part or any other circumstances.
7. Under the Extended Warranty, the Consumer is only entitled to free warranty repair of repairable defects that occur during the warranty period. The Consumer must always make a claim and exercise this right immediately after the defect has been discovered. The Consumer shall only have the right to a replacement of the product if the product is beyond repair. Only the manufacturer may issue a declaration of irreparability. In the case of product replacement under the Extended 15-Year Warranty, the Consumer’s warranty period shall continue from the original date of purchase.
8. The Consumer shall have no other right under or in connection with the Extended Warranty to liability for defects, to reimbursement of any costs or any other right, claim or demand against the provider of the Extended Warranty, the seller, the manufacturer, the importer, the distributor or anyone else.
9. The Extended Warranty provided does not cover damage, wear, defects and other defects of the frame of the bicycle excluded from the warranty in the applicable Sava Bicycles Sp. z o.o. Warranty Terms and Conditions, as well as (A) surface defects, (B) damage, wear, defects and other defects caused (even in part) by improper use, failure to follow the operating or assembly instructions or neglect of proper maintenance.
10. The time limits for handling claims and carrying out free warranty repairs under the contractual Extended Warranty provided depend solely on the agreement of the claiming Consumer and the Authorized Service Centre with which the Consumer has lodged the claim.
11. The Extended Warranty can only be granted for bicycle frames and does not apply to any other parts and components of the purchased bicycle.
12. The extended warranty is only granted to the Consumer who, as the final purchaser, has purchased the Sava bicycle (point 11. of the EWT&C) from an authorized dealer. Therefore, it is not transferred or can be transferred in any way to any other person.
13. The extended warranty is valid only if all the conditions set out in the EWT&C are met. If any of them is not fulfilled or ceases to be fulfilled, the Extended Warranty (including all rights, claims and demands, whether or not exercised, arising therefrom) shall cease to exist, even if it has already been granted to the Consumer.
14. If all of these conditions are not met, the Consumer shall notify Sava Bicycles Sp. z o.o. by e-mail to info@sava-bicycles.com.
15. When making a claim and exercising any right under the Extended Warranty, the Consumer must submit: (a) the original of the proper proof of purchase of the claimed bicycle, (b) the identification data of the electronic service booklet. If the Consumer fails to produce any of these documents, the claim cannot be accepted, and a free warranty repair cannot be made (clause 6. of the EWT&C).
16. The provision of the Extended Warranty shall not affect the Consumer’s legal rights arising from mandatory provisions of the applicable generally binding legislation relating to the purchase of the home appliance, nor the warranty arising from the applicable Warranty Terms and Conditions of Sava Bicycles Sp. z o.o.
17. The extended warranty is valid only in the territory of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.
18. Unless otherwise stated in the EWT&C, legal relations related to the Extended Warranty shall be governed by the applicable Warranty Terms and Conditions of Sava Bicycles Sp. z o.o.
19. For any further information on the Extended Warranty or the EWT&C, please contact the Sava Bicycles Sp. z o.o. Customer Centre or e-mail: info@sava-bicycles.com.”

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