There is no point repeating the cliché that the motor is the heart of the electric bicycle and one of its key components. SAVA uses two basic types of motors for its electric bikes, depending on their location.

The central motor

The central motor location is primarily used on Sava mountain and trekking electric bicycles. The advantages of this motor placement are:

  • Precise and smooth transmission of motor power depending on the driving process
  • Quiet and smooth motor operation
  • The ideal weight distribution of the bicycle; the motor is placed in the centre of gravity
  • By selecting the right gearing, you can influence the speed of the bicycle and the motor, thus achieving the optimum ratio of speed when riding to achieve a lower battery consumption of the bike; the ideal consumption naturally affects the maximum range of your electric bicycle
  • Easy removal of the front and rear wheels when you need to replace or patch a leak

The disadvantages of the central motor are:

  • Higher emphasis on the quality of the shifter and derailleur adjustment
  • Lower wheel chain life compared to a regular bicycle
  • Low motor resistance when riding unassisted

We use two types of centre motors for building our electric bicycles – Bafang and ExtraDrive 500, a motor developed by Shengyi for Sava. We offer an extended warranty of 5 years for the ExtraDrive 500 motor.


Sava central motor electric bicycle parameters


Rear Hub Motors

We choose this motor placement for Sava folding, gravel and mountain electric bicycles. The reasons for such choice are:

  • The motor does not put any resistance when switched off; therefore, it will run without problems, even with a smaller battery capacity, which is what you will appreciate with riding folding and gravel bikes, especially
  • Instant acceleration of the bike, suitable for urban traffic
  • Minimal servicing requirements

Just like with anything in life, there are two sides to every story. And every advantage usually comes with a disadvantage. In the case of the rear hub motors, the disadvantages are:

  • Uneven distribution of the bicycle’s overall weight and poorer handling; that’s why an integrated battery is better than a battery on the rear carrier, which puts even more strain on the rear of the electric bicycle
  • Poorer drive sensitivity when riding due to the lack of a pedal pressure (torsional) sensor
  • Poorer efficiency compared to central motors at higher battery loads
  • If you need to replace the rear wheel tube, you need a special wrench
motor elektrokolo Sava

Sava rear hub electric bike parameters