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Každý výlet v pohodě

Sava bikes designed for women are not primarily designed to win the bicycle races. Although, why not give it a try once in a while? We have primarily focused on creating a comfortable bicycle for everyday rides. That’s why the bicycles have a carbon frame that absorbs the vibrations and has the lowest possible weight. After your first ride on Sava women’s mountain bicycle, you’ll become best friends. Low weight, maximum functionality and sporty design are the advantages of Sava MTB bikes designed especially for women.

Carbon 3.2 27.990 CZK
Wheel diameter: 27,5 ″ | Transfers: 3x9 | Mass: 12,5 kg
DECK 9.3 99.988 CZK
Wheel diameter: 27,5 ″ | Range: 180 km | Mass: 20,1 kg